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The café has re-opened under new management with a new name: Pepperberries Garden Café. The namesake of the café being the native pepper grown and harvested on the farm.

The walks are open to the public, responsible dog-walkers are welcome, and the kitchen garden proceeds apace – come and have a look.

Charles Fleurty, whose name adorns the local landscape was a convict who found himself working as a sawyer there in the late 1820’s.

He went on to ensure we know plenty about him by committing every petty offence on the books during his first 20 years in the colony. Despite this he lived to the ripe old age of 74, had several children and died in Hobart ‘of decay’ in 1842.

It’s hard to imagine what he would have made of the beautiful modern building set against the native forest, overlooking the farm and offering long, stunning views to Mount Wellington and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Or of the people one can meet there…

Diemen Pepper is still produced on site, and visitors are welcome to call down to the farm office for an introduction to our Tasmanian Exotic Spice.

The farm itself produces thousands of bunches of Dutch Iris each year, for the Tasmanian and mainland markets. The other main enterprise is the preparation and sale of native pepper - Tasmania's own indigenous herb. These products together with a few other native Australian flavour products are sold all around the world - especially in the spice and herb markets in Europe and North America.

Small areas of other cool climate horticultural products are now being produced for the café kitchen – artichokes, rhubarb, garlic, raspberries and blackcurrants – all on the menu when in season, or appearing in tasty preserves and chutneys.

Visitors can wander around the farm and forest paths, enjoy some of the outdoor sculptures acquired during sculpture exhibitions and through private purchase.

There are more than 100 hectares of diverse native bush including a protected Private Forest Reserve upon which several rare plants can be found and birdlife abounds everywhere. Walkers are encouraged, and invited to take a picnic pack with them, find a secluded spot and enjoy the fare.

Pathways from the carpark to the café meet disability access guidelines and the paths to the garden and distillery are all constructed on easy grades.

Fleurtys cafe - view of Mount Wellington and D'entrecasteaux Channel
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Pepperberries garden café has reopened as Five Bob café

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Opening Hours:

Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 3pm

Phone: (03) 6267 4078




Contact us:

address: 3866 Channel Highway Birchs Bay Tasmania
ph/fax: 03 62674078
email: pepperberriesgardencafe@outlook.com
PO Box 194 Woodbridge Tasmania Australia 7162

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      Last updated 6 March, 2018